Wiltrout Landscaping

Marginal Pond Plants
Marginal plants add shape and definition to any size pond. Most marginals will grow in sun to partial shade, with water up to a few inches over their pots. We suggest including a mix of hardy and tropical plants, as the tropicals will delight you with a continuous show of flowers.
  Arrowhead (native) Aztec Arrowhead Blue Pickerel Rush
Bog Bean (native) Giant Sensitive Plant Crystal Confetti
Curly Mint Pink Rain Lily Golden Sweetflag
European Brooklime White Rain Lily Four Leaf Clover
  Creeping Jenny Blue Flag Iris Am. Water Plantain  
Imperial Pennywort Marsh Marigold Mare's Tail
Society Garlic

Moneywort Bacopa

Small Sensitive Plant Impatiens (adapted) Umbrella Palm
  White Top Sedge Yellow Snowflake
Duckweed Water Orchid
Miniature Papyrus Yellow Water Canna Imperial Taro
Orange Var. Canna Black Magic Taro Variegated Sweetflag
  Zebra Rush