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  Why invest in a pond for your backyard?  
  A well-designed pond will
help you to:
     *Relieve daily stress naturally
     *Enjoy unique and exotic plants and fish
     *Attract birds or wildlife to your yard
     *Create a natural gathering place for friends and family
  That sounds great, but what about the maintenance?   
   All the ponds we build are low-maintenance, biologically balanced ecosystems. This means that nature does most of the work for you. Don't worry about spring cleanouts or fall closeup chores; we offer maintenance services for every pond we build.  
  Can't I just buy a pond kit for a few hundred dollars and get the same benefits?  
  No, and here are a few reasons why:  
  Pond kits do not have adequate filtration so your water will tend to be green, stagnant, or mucky. That's not very relaxing.

Pond kits do not give a natural look.

Pond kits do not have deep enough water to discourage predators.

Pond kits are not designed to be lined with rock, which is integral to creating a biological balance in a pond.
  At Wiltrout Nursery, we have 17 years experience creating beautiful custom ponds. Each is a unique work of art. Click below to view just a few of many we have built!  
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