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Hardy Water Lilies
  Patio Joe - peach-pink    
  Patio Joe Moorei Perry's Baby Red  
  Helvola Miniature Little Sue Miniature Lemon Chiffon  
  Martha Joey Tomocik Mary  
  Peach Pink Changeable Sioux  
  Red Spider Rosea Walter Pagels Mini  
  Albida Texas Dawn Mayla  
  Almost Black Escarboucle Chromatella  
  Conqueror Denver Colorado   
  How to Grow Hardy Water Lilies  
  Water lilies need sun -- typically 6 hours or more -- in order to bloom well. Don't have much sun? Try Chromatella or Texas Dawn, which bloom with only 3-4 hours of sun, or Mary, which does well in cool water and filtered light.

Hardy lilies typically like 12-24 inches of water over the crown, although some tolerate deeper water. Situate your lily in still water away from any splashing or strong current; splashing water will cause disease.

Water lilies should be planted in large shallow pots using ordinary black dirt. Add 2-3 pond plant fertilizer tablets in a gallon size pot. Divide the lily every year in the early spring, discarding small crowns and repotting the strongest crown.

Lilies will overwinter in your pond as long as the crown does not freeze. They may also be wintered in a cool place (40-45 degrees) indoors if wrapped in a plastic bag or kept in a bucket of water.
  Check out our simple video tutorial below:  
  How to Divide Hardy Water Lilies