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  Get everything you need for your ponds and fish!

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Pond Equipment
  Whether you're building your first pond or maintaining an existing one, we have the products you need! From professional-grade rubber liner to pumps, filters, underwater lights, and biological water treatments, we either have it in stock, or can get it in a few days. Please note that we do not sell preformed pond kits; all of our equipment is professional grade.  
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  Spitters and Floaters  
  While not essential to your pond's operation, our selection of functional spitters and realistic-looking floating pond critters will add personality to any pond.  
Fish-Safe Water Treatments
  Available for purchase in our Pond Shoppe!  
  Algae Treatments  
  Algaefix -- safely kills most kinds of algae
Microbial Algae Clean -- biological prevention for green water
Barley Bales -- all-natural algae control/prevention
Barley Straw Extract -- the benefits of barley without the mess!
EcoBlast -- spot treatment for problem algae
  Beneficial Bacteria  
  Used in conjunction with a quality biological filter, these bacteria will keep your pond water sparkling clear! We can help you select the right product for your needs. Choose from:

Dry bacteria -- most cost effective
Microbe-Lift P/L (highest quality liquid bacteria product on the market)
Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II (specially designed to combat ammonia/nitrite)
Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep (breaks down debris over the winter)
Microbe-Lift Sludge-Away (eats up sludge to keep your pond bottom clean and your filters unclogged)
  Miscellaneous Water Treatments  
  Ammo-Lock (renders ammonia nontoxic until your filter removes it)
Dechlorinator, liquid or dry
pH adjusters
(biologically clears cloudy water)
Mosquito Bits (biological mosquito control)
pH Test Kits
Ammonia Test Kits
  Fish Care Products  
We love fish! In our Pond Shoppe you'll find a range of products from pond nets to disease treatments, as well as a variety of food for all sizes of pond fish. Stop by!
  pond shoppe