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  What have you been waiting for?  
  Relax to the sound of flowing water in your own backyard pond. We construct many sizes and types of ponds, most with a waterfall or two and a stream. Each project is unique!  
Light-up Falls!

  Every pond we build includes a complete, functioning biological filter system. This means maintenance chores are minimal and the water will stay relatively clear with no suspended algae.  
  We build our ponds using a 45 mil EPDM fish-safe rubber liner with a thick woven underlayment beneath. We then expertly build the rocks together to withstand normal wear and tear without needing continual repairs. The liner is hidden completely, protecting it from sunlight and other damage and making your pond look completely natural. The rocks and gravel also provide an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria, which help keep your pond clean and clear.  
Finished pond ready to be filled with water!
 Check out the unique "silo pond"!
Check out this twin falls!
At 12,000 gallons, this is the biggest pond we have constructed.
Most backyard ponds are 500 to 2500 gallons.
Here's a custom project we finished in August 2011!
And one on Cornell Lake with a sitting wall, completed in Spring 2018
Lights on at dusk
  For more information on how you can enjoy a beautiful and
low-maintenance pond, stop by or check out the links below! 
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