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  Water Plants  
  Water Plants typically are available May through August.
Some tropicals are not available until late May or June.
We do not ship any plant material.
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  Hardy Water Lilies Tropical Water Lilies Other Pond Plants  
  Pond Plants List 2020  
  Floating Plants  
  Marginal Plants  
  Arrowhead, white flowered (native)
Aztec Arrowhead
Bog Bean (native)
Brooklime, European
Brooklime, Native
Cannas, several varieties
Creeping Jenny, golden
Iris, blue flag
Mare's Tail
Marsh Marigold
Native Sedge
 Pickerel Rush, blue (native)
Rain lily, pink or white
Society Garlic
Snowflakes, yellow
 Sweetflag, variegated
Taro, black magic
Taro, imperial
Umbrella Palm
Water Arum (native)
 Zebra Rush

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  Hardy Water Lilies  
  Albida (white)
Almost Black (deep wine red)
Burgandy Princess (red)
Chromatella (soft yellow, shade tolerant)
Colorado (strong salmon pink)
Conqueror (red)
Escarboucle (red)
Helvola (yellow miniature)
Joey Tomocik (bright yellow)
Lemon Chiffon (soft yellow)
Little Sue (pink miniature)
Martha (pink, super good bloomer)
Mary (pink with rose eye, good for cool ponds and filtered shade)
Mayla (brilliant pink)
Patio Joe (peach pink)
Peach (name unknown; awesome bloomer)
Perry's Baby Red (our most popular lily!)
Pink Changeable (name unknown; blooms fade from pink to white)
Rosea (light rose pink)
Sioux (yellow to bronze)
Walter Pagels (white miniature)
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  Tropical Water Lilies  
  Varieties may vary from those listed.  
  Day Blooming  
 Dauben (blue white, tolerates some shade)
Rhonda Kay (purple)
Shirley Bryne (pink)
Star of Siam (blue with striped pads)
Tina (blue-purple)
  Night Blooming  
Jennifer Rebecca (Red flower)
Red Flare (Red flower, red pads)
Rose de Noche (pink flower, red pads)
Texas Shell Pink (soft pink)
Woods White Knight
  Did you know??  
  Night Blooming lilies are a great choice because they not only bloom in the evenings when you are home, but all day long on cloudy days!  
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